After years of not having a store, I have begun one on TeeSpring. You can find it here or by clicking on the picture above.

Merch F.A.Q.

  • The prices are too high for me.

  • I don’t set the prices, I only put up the designs, but this is high quality print-on-demand custom merchandise, it’s not like bulk merchandise by corporations found in store. I feel that we are lucky we’re even able to create and order such items. That said, it takes a certain amount to cover the costs of the materials, hosting the website, handling, printing, shipping, and on top of that, the designer has to get a cut in order to even make it profitable. When all is said and done, a lot goes into the process, and even though I had nothing to do with what they’re set at, I feel like the prices are fair. Custom merch is something that should be valuable, as a lot of personalized hard work goes into them.

  • Why don’t you have [keychains, plushies, whatever]?

    I only have what TeeSpring offers me. For example, they don’t have keychains, and I only try to offer what I think looks good/is worth selling. I may expand to other shops in the future that have other things, but it has to be something that’s proven worth my time first.

  • I dislike this thing you did with this design. I think it’d look better if…

  • And that’s OK. You’re entitled to your opinion, but it’s an opinion, not an objective fact. Someone else may see it another way. If you’re looking at merch from my creations, you came here because they like my ideas and aesthetic sense to some degree. You may not like everything I do, or feel like it’d be more improved to your particular preferences in some way, and that’s OK. I can’t please everyone at the same time, and there will always be someone who will hold a different viewpoint than me.

    That said, to be a creator, especially an indie one, I must have confidence in doing what I think is good. So just know that I have already considered many different ways to present a piece, and that this is what I thought I wanted my work to look like. Additionally, words/logos, things like that are necessary to promote my work further and establish my brand, so I’ve tried to include that in an aesthetic sense. Unfortunately, I’m not so famous that you could see a logo from a work I’ve done and most people would be able to identify it yet (like Batman’s logo). 

    But, I am not entitled for everyone to like what I’ve done and want to buy it, so it’s cool with me if you can’t/don’t want to. The merch is there for the people who want it, and I’ll try to offer a variety of options for various aesthetic tastes, rather than changing my work based off other’s opinions.