Support Emails Reopened! Looking for Fans That Need Digital Rewards Sent!

Hello all,

In addition to the changes I’m making in officially moving from a team to a solo creator, and moving to being a Patreon-focused creator in the hopes of being able to gain enough of a budget to continue fulfilling rewards and finishing the games, I am re-opening support through a ticket system. I hesitate to call it customer support, since I’m not much of that type at all, but definitely, I want to help and support fans. I have been able to also give support through Instagram DMs (and you’ve all been so sweet about it!) But this method guarantees better tracking for really important matters. Even if you have sent an email in the past while I was on hiatus, I strongly encourage you to send it again now as that will ensure a ticket is created that I can track and work on.

You can contact me at

Digital Rewards

If you were promised ANY digital rewards, through crowdfunding or a giveaway, please help me out by emailing me so I can start working on getting these out and making sure I move them to a new tracking system so they won’t be forgotten. Please be sure to provide proof to expedite things. All other rewards are still on hold due to lack of budget for now.

If you have a digital reward that hasn’t been released yet, such as Mystic Destinies: Echoes in a bundle, I am working on getting access to people so they can play it as I update chapters, so please go ahead and let me know anyway - we’ll figure out what works for you together!