ADS Update June 5, 2019: On Social Media

Hey, just popping in for another update. Last week’s is here.


The programmer and I work on this everyday lately, and are making progress in resolving the bug. It’s frustrating and I honestly can’t wait for us to figure it out, but I’m hoping next week will see Premium out since we’re so close.

Quick Recap

If you’re just joining us, a quick recap is that ADS is down to one fulltime person, that being me. Jackie is still available on Discord as our Discord Community Management person. So when I say “I”, or “me”, I really mean just me! :)

Hostility and Harassment on Social Media

It’s come to our attention that there’s a small group of people that constantly engage in harassing and aggressive behavior towards not only ADS, but other fans. While people are free to engage in criticism, ask questions, and have discussions with other fans, these people have consistently engaged in group bullying behavior towards us and other fans.

It’s my decision that, effective immediately:

  1. ADS will not engage in social media (including Discord) contact with people that we have seen displaying consistent hostile/bullying/harassing behavior towards us or other fans.

  2. This behavior may result in a block on our social media accounts and ban from our Discord communities.

  3. ADS will reserve the right, at our discretion, to choose to refund and refuse subsequent contact and service to these persons engaging in a consistent pattern of such behavior, or, we may choose to honor the purchase agreement, then cease further contact beyond that agreement.

  4. At our discretion, we will not have any contact with these persons beyond the bare minimum necessary to complete their order and/or rewards, if applicable, which will generally occur through the platform from which they have made their purchase and not on social media.

  5. If deemed necessary, we may report the harassing behavior to the platform it’s happening on, or if serious enough, any appropriate authorities.

While addressing the numerous issues, concerns, and questions people have, and being able to vent about delays is important, I also believe everyone has the right to live in peace as I work towards addressing the existing issues. We encourage any fans that want to speak out against this behavior to report it to the relevant platform is is happening on, rather than engaging in direct contact with the person.

There have been various incidents of ADS fans being bullied, getting dragged into drama and fights when all they wanted to do was support the games they like. Hearing these people come to us saying they were made uncomfortable by these persons because of the mistakes I’ve made in the past made me want to do whatever I can to help, even if it’s just to bring attention to it and show that we don’t approve or tolerate it in our fan spaces. I really hope that people who have chosen to be ADS fans can feel safe to engage in the fandom again one day.

To be clear, asking questions, criticizing ADS or the like is NOT harassing behavior. Feel free to express yourself! However, you are engaging in consistent, aggressive, pressuring, and coercive hostile behavior and questioning over days, weeks, or months, nonstop, it DOES cross that line.

Resolving Issues

Venting on social media and arguing with fans and the developer may make people feel better, but it doesn’t solve their problem. If anyone feels that they have an issue that hasn’t been addressed, I’d advise the following steps to resolve it:

  1. Check our blogs/updates. A great deal of the time, I’ve already discussed major issues. I’ve also given some anticipated release dates to unfulfilled releases and rewards that have unfortunately been pushed down, and as of the last blog post I decided to not give any dates until the release is finished, as not to disappoint people further. But I will, however, continue to update the blog as soon I have new info to share while I work.

  2. If your concern is related to an existing order and has not been addressed, please know that I do intend to address fan concerns, rewards and shipping through tickets and the relevant platform site once I’ve caught up on releases. I’m well aware of how delayed I’ve been in this aspect, but I can’t move any faster.

  3. In the event that you don’t want to wait any longer, and that your issue isn’t being addressed, I encourage you to reach out to your purchasing platform for assistance.  

  4. In the event you feel like you cannot wait any longer, your issue isn’t being addressed anywhere, and you feel that you have been seriously wronged, you can always contact the FTC or the equivalent where you live. The website is here: If the FTC does contact me, I’ll be sure to respond appropriately with the same explanations on my words, actions and what I’m doing to fulfill my promises that I’ve given on the blog.

I’m doing all I can with what I’ve currently got, and I know there are tons of great fans out there who are understanding of the fact that I’m already working to make up for the mistakes of the past. I appreciate that, and I’ll continue to thank you by continuing working to find ways to fulfill the promises that ADS has made, although that will no doubt require some changes.

Final Thoughts

So once again:

  • If you are an ADS fan you see people engaging in behavior you personally find to be hostile or bullying in nature, please do not contact them, for your own wellbeing’s sake. No one needs the added stress in their lives. Please, report the person and block them, if you feel it’s necessary. I hope this will be one step towards a fan community with love in their hearts, that diffuses fights instead of engaging in them.

  • If you yourself are engaging in such behavior, ADS will not be engaging with you on social media or other fan communities, although we will fulfill our any prior purchase agreements we may have with you, or else refund you at our discretion. Reviewing the steps above may resolve your problem in the meantime, even if it takes some time.

P.S. It’s long overdue, but I introduced a Terms of Service for the website today, and will be introducing a Terms of Service in subsequent game updates that I hope will clarify things more going forward. There’s been a lot of confusion as things constantly change, and I’m working to reduce that and improve communication. I’ll keep updating the Terms of Service as needed as well. Please just keep in mind that everything is subject to change! :)