Aeon Dream Studios was formerly a team (2015-2019), but is now a solo effort.

Ajané founded Aeon Dream Studios in 2015 after becoming friends with two of the former founders, who worked on MDSOA. A fan-turned-friend-turned coworker, Jackie joined in 2017, and is now the only other core member along with Ajané as of 2019.

The name covers all creative content made by Ajané, especially in collaboration with freelancers, such as visual novel games. Ajané works with a team of talented contractors under her supervision and direction to help bring her stories to life. Ajané seeks to share profound, diverse stories that help audiences think more deeply about the world around them in the hopes that understanding will lead to more acceptance and love in the world.


Ajané J.K. Celestin

Ajané is now the sole creative driving force and producer behind ADS as of 2019.

Looking back, Ajané has filled many roles since Aeon Dream’s formation. Most prominently from 2015 - 2019, she served as the creative director, editor and music supervisor on all of Aeon Dream’s games. She currently serves as Lead Writer for Aeon Dream content and all games. Her responsibilities include determining the concept and overall narrative style as well as writing the plot and choosing the music. 

In Mystic Destinies: Serendipity of Aeons, she was the lead writer for Tatsuya, Takumi and Hikaru’s routes. She was assistant script writer for Shou and Shinji’s routes. Other roles have included responsibilities acting as production manager, assistant graphic designer, social media coordinator, marketing, and many more.

With a background in games journalism, Ajané was also endorsed for editing by BioWare’s Sr Editor. 


AEON DREAM Community Manager

Jacqueline Rivera

Jacqueline started out as a fan, then a friend and now a sister. Jackie has continuously offered Ajané unwavering support, love and good energy. 

Jackie now manages the Discord Community, as well as supporting Ajané with some of the creative concept and general feedback.


Former Contributors