TTEOTS All Access Season Pass - Receive all FUTURE Season 01 premium content for a flat price! This version contains additional content not found in the free version, such as extra scenes, choices, and full color illustrations.


This version acts as a "Season Pass", enabling you to receive ALL Season 01 content released for To the Edge of the Sky game without restriction. This does NOT include the Extra Stories section, which exists outside the seasons. There also individual Premium content available for purchase within the free game, if you’d prefer that.


Note: This game is STILL in development and is as of yet, unfinished in its entirety. New chapters are still being added and you may experience instability with saves. I do not release specific update dates. The game will update on its own if you have automatic updates.


Enter the year 2077 and become Seven, the newest addition to Phantom Alpha, a secret team who operates under the enigmatic government organization known as P.H.A.N.T.A.S.M. After joining, you find yourself befriending the other rookie on the team, an incredibly skilled youth known as Zero. As you meet the other members, you quickly learn that while vastly talented, each of them is clearly much more than meets the eye.

Regardless of your differences, you quickly learn what Phantom Alpha can do. But together, you soon discover that on the other side of the radiant world of light, lies an equally dark world of shadow. Can you brave these worlds and trust the men by your side?

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